Delhi School's Academics

It is designed to provide a comprehensive and enriching learning experience for students

DS follows a rigorous Academic Curriculum where Curiosity is kindled and learning is an enjoyable process.

"Tell Me and I Forget, Show Me and I May Remember, Involve Me and I Will Understand.”

The curriculum at DS is tailored to meet the needs of today’s learners and is sensitive to different learning styles. A plethora of academic and co-curricular activities offer the opportunity to all students to discover various facets of their personalities.

Catering to the demands of a global society, DS follows a curriculum that is research based and incorporates the best pedagogical practices from all over the world. The curriculum encourages students to be active learners who explore, understand and participate in the world around them. Our educational vision holds that the purpose of education is to elicit the greatness that resides within each and every person. We have a strong conviction that people should live with compassion, humility, grit and creativity.

Foundational Years – (Nursery to Grade II)

"Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon."

This is what our tiny tots are ingrained with from the time they step into the gates of DS Pre-Primary section.

The Early Years (EY) programme at Delhi International School comprises of

  • Reception (Nursery)
  • Transition (PPI)
  • Foundation (PPII)

We at DS Pre-School follow a blend of the Play way, Montessori Method, Waldorf and The Reggio Emilia Approach. It is based on self-directed activity, hands on learning and collaborative play.

We at DS Pre-School follow a blend of the Play way, Montessori Method, Waldorf, and The Reggio Emilia Approach. It is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play. The classroom environment with the teacher as facilitator offers age-related activities to guide learning. Our curriculum includes cognitive, fine and gross motor skills developing activities. We use a variety of play-based and structured activities striking a fine balance between both teacher-led and student-initiated play.In the DS frame work of curriculum, there are three main and four specialized areas of learning. ‍

In the main area of learning we have:

Communication And Language Development
  • Listening and attention.
  • Understanding.
  • Speaking are taken care.
Physical Development
  • Listening and attention.
  • Understanding.
  • Speaking are taken care.
Personal, Social, Emotional Development
  • Making relationships.
  • Self-confidence and self-awareness.
  • Managing feelings and behaviors.

More specialized areas of learning we have

  • Reading.
  • Writing.

Language developing stories, rhymes, phonics are some of the highly effective methods of teaching that are used at DS.

  • Numbers.
  • Shape, space and measures.

Pre-mathematics (logical reasoning, matching object, size and colour recognition.) also forms an important part of our curriculum.

Understanding the World
  • People and communities.
  • The world.
  • Technology.

We emphasize a lot on General Knowledge for the child's social and environmental development.

Expressive Arts and Design
  • Exploring and using media and materials.
  • Being imaginative.

We cultivate global competence through dance, music, and art & craft for shaping well-rounded individuals

Pre-School Environment

The environment in DS is extremely child-friendly and the infrastructure has been developed keeping in mind the needs and comfort of a toddler. Fully equipped classrooms with child sized furniture, indoor and outdoor play area and toys have all been developed in such a way so as to bring about the child's cognitive and physical development in the most comfortable manner. A specially designed Pre-school library is our strength.

Pre-School Daily Routine

Our main objective is to make sure that the child has had a productive day in school. We plan our daily routine in such a manner which helps us achieve this objective. The day starts with the Morning Prayer at the Assembly followed by child development activities ranging from knowledge enhancing worksheets to dancing, singing, drawing and painting. Songs and rhymes according to the monthly curriculum are also intricately woven into our daily planner. Encouraging children to eat healthy food in company of their friends also forms a part of their day. The day ends with thanking God once again.

The progress of each student is monitored through observations, work samples, photographs, e-portfolios and meetings with parents. We want the students in early years to be confident, successful and have a sense of self and develop their independence. We recognize that each child is special and unique with their own individual needs, abilities and talents. This caring holistic environment is where the staff foster a warm nurturing learning atmosphere in partnership with parents. In doing so, we highlight and celebrate each child's abilities, talent and success.

Under the respectful supervision of our teachers, your child will be taught the simple, yet important aspects of life. That includes thinking, creativity, making meaningful choices, taking responsibility, interacting and working effectively with others and along with this they acquire the capability to give wings to imagination, to think in the abstract, acquire language skills, build social skills, solve problems, understand someone else’s perspective, learn essential life skills from adults, discover leadership skills, safely explore the world beyond and acquire confidence and a sense of self.

Middle School Year Programme (Grades VI – VIII)

“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.”

Delhi School follows a unique middle school Programme that is designed to sculpt students into global citizens. This will help them acquire a wide range of essential skills and attitudes that would transform them into self-motivated, sensitive and balanced individuals with healthy moral values, ready to face the challenges of the future positively and comprehensively.. The DS approach to teaching is one that not only focuses on academic achievement but also on the development of character, capability and creativity.

Primary Years Programme – (Grade III – V)

In the primary years, we aim to foster children's individuality while also focusing on academic rigour. This is achieved by facilitating learning in a warm and caring environment that is supportive of both the academic and personal development of its students.

We holistically develop the child’s capabilities through a range of extracurricular activities and opportunities for students to explore their interests and passions, whether that be through sports, the arts, or other areas. At the same time, we set high standards for academic achievement, and provide students with a challenging and rigorous curriculum that prepares them for success in higher grades and beyond.

Senior School IX & X

The senior school segment is the segment where we enable a balance of healthy competition, preparation for the world of work, innovation, and 21st century skills. We strive to make the school a dynamic and forward-thinking place that provides students with a wide range of opportunities to learn and grow. With the stringent focus on academic excellence, we foster a culture of healthy competition among students, encouraging them to strive for their best and to take on challenges in order to achieve their goals. we challenge students to excel in their studies and in their personal growth. We aim to inspire a quest for learning throughout life that is marked by enthusiasm and empathy. DIS aspires to help develop well-rounded students with character who respond to challenges with optimism and an open mind, are confident in their own identities, make ethical decisions, join with others in celebrating our common humanity and are prepared to apply what they learn in real- world, complex and unpredictable situations.

The main goal is to help students explore different career paths and develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed while allowing them to explore their post-secondary options and providing them with the support they need to make informed decisions about their future.

With focus on innovation, we encourage students to think creatively and to develop new ideas and solutions to real-world problems, enabling these learners to utilise their 21st century skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, and digital literacy.

Enrichment Program


Enrichment programs are scheduled extracurricular classes where students can receive advanced academic instruction, get extra help with homework assignments, or discover new hobbies, interests and activities outside the classroom setting.

Students are encouraged to try new things, explore hobbies, and build skills outside of the classroom through enrichment programs. Activities can range from Sports to Fashion designing, from Drawing to Coding.

The Enrichment programs are not graded and students can make mistakes and learn from them. This in turn will build students’ confidence as they learn new skills and immerse themselves in new experiences.

We particularly focus on collaboration and teamwork as our programs often bring together students from a range of different backgrounds and age groups. As a result, we have found that participation of students in enrichment activities not only builds technical knowledge but also develop vital future skills such as working collaboratively with new people, problem-solving, and presentation skills.

Some of enrichment programs conducted by Delhi School, Kompally are-

  • After School Sport Activities like Cricket, Tennis, Skating and Taekwondo.
  • Mandatory Spoken French Classes for all grades from grade 1 to Grade VIII.
  • Interdisciplinary/Transdisciplinary subject enrichment Activities
  • Hobby Classes
  • Interact Club
  • Field Trips and Excursions
  • Fast Track Classes
  • Reading Proficiency Programs with E -Library
  • The Atelier - The craft of Art
  • Innovative Assemblies and Thought Provoking Tuesdays.
  • Jam Sessions & Ted Talks
  • Innovation Lab, Robotics, Electronics ,Financial Literacy Programs.
  • Shloka recital - Power of Mantra
  • Symphony - Rhythmic Rhapsody ( Music)
  • Basketball
  • Step and style Dance club
  • Indoor games - chess, caroms, board games
  • Stylisher - Design your fashion.
  • Find your balance - power of yoga
  • Dream weavers - The Thespian drama club

Academics Plus – Beyond the Benches

Apart from this general routine, there is always something happening at Delhi International School, Inter-house Competitions, festival celebrations, Grandparents Day, talks by eminent personalities and many more. Children are periodically taken out on field trips and tours to build a connect with the real world.

Our school prioritizes holistic student development through diverse co-curricular activities like yoga, meditation, and prayer, seamlessly integrated into the curriculum for mental well-being. The mandatory co-curricular program propels students out of their comfort zones, fostering skill acquisition and personal growth. Cultural celebrations and commemorations of historical events create a sense of togetherness, while inter-house and school-wide events instill loyalty and healthy competition, providing platforms for students to showcase their talents.

Furthermore, our commitment to student-driven initiatives is evident in the encouragement of student-run clubs spanning academics, sports, arts, and more. This approach empowers students to take ownership of their passions, creating a vibrant and inclusive community. Our dynamic learning extends beyond the classroom with frequent excursions and off-campus activities, turning education into a captivating adventure that breaks traditional boundaries.

Inside the classroom

Teachers are approachable and friendly, forming a parent-like association with every child. They encourage children to think, question and freely express themselves during lessons.

  • A maximum of 30 students in a class, every child receives the personal attention that he/she deserves and needs.
  • A broad range of subject areas are taught to provide children with sufficient flexibility when choosing their area of specialization.
  • Special emphasis is placed on learning of Indian and Foreign Languages.
  • Exposures to national and international issues to increase student’s awareness.
  • Innovative problem-solving techniques, questioning, and active participation in discussions are strongly encouraged to build curiosity and confidence.
  • Unique teaching methods are used to make learning a fun, interactive and engaging process.
  • A practical, or project-based approach to learning complements traditional and theoretical forms of knowledge building.
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