Digital Class rooms

“Teaching in the Internet age means we must teach tomorrow’s skills today.”
– Jennifer Fleming
The digital classrooms at DIS are collaborative spaces where teachers, students and technology can co-exist in harmony. While the digital classroom inherently favours technology integration into the classroom, it doesn’t undermine the important role of the teacher; it will only make their job easier and help students understand the concept taught in the class more efficiently. In other words, it's time to step up from the traditional method of classroom teaching to innovative digital teaching which delivers content to the children as an enjoyable learning experience. The digital classroom will improve the learning process by bringing students and teachers together in unprecedented ways.
At DIS students are given ample opportunities to improve their presentation skills through audio - visual demonstrations and graphic oriented teaching. Several value added learning processes implemented here include presentations, group discussions, case studies, projects and workshops. The students are encouraged to approach the concerned subject teachers freely to clarify their doubts. This constant grooming helps students with different levels of comprehension to perform to the best of their potential.

Computer Lab

“The language of click and bytes”
Information and Communication Technology programme has become a vital part of contemporary education. Today, there is hardly any part of life that remains untouched by Computer and chip technology. Education has benefited from the inclusion of technology and computers by making it easier for students to keep up while helping teachers by improving the way lessons can be planned and taught. At Delhi International School, the intention of teachers is to ensure that students make the best use of this modern tool of learning right from the initial days of schooling. The state-of-the-art ICT labs are equipped with the latest high-end machines and up-to-date software. Teachers not only guide the students to browse the internet to gather information related to their projects but also to supplement learning.

Mathematics Lab

“"Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms .It is about understanding"
- William Paul Thurston
At DIS, the Lab Mathematica is a place for students to discover mathematics by doing. Appealing activities for a wide range of students with varying proficiency levels are introduced with the goal of generating interest in Mathematics. These in turn help students to visualize, manipulate and reason. They provide opportunities to make conjectures and generalize observed patterns. We at DIS believe that the role of a teacher in a math lab is not to teach, but to facilitate inquiry in mathematics. This is done by posing probing questions, offering an extra resource or asking to discuss with peers.

Science Lab

“A theory can be proved by experiment; but no path leads from experiment to the birth of a theory.”
- William Paul Thurston
It is hard to imagine learning to do science or learning about science, without doing laboratory or fieldwork. Experimentation underlies all scientific knowledge and understanding. Laboratories are wonderful settings for teaching and learning science. They provide students with opportunities to think about, discuss, and solve real problems.
A hands-on experience in observing and manipulating materials in a science lab is superior to other methods of learning, understanding, and appreciation. DIS leaves no stone unturned in enabling the child to receive more than he/she seeks through its state of the art Science Lab.
The curriculum at Delhi International School helps the students to develop scientific temperament and skills through keen observation of life processes, materials, and their physical and chemical properties. Practical classes in all the branches of science namely Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences are conducted in specifically designed laboratories under the vigilance and guidance of respective teachers. Field trips are organized to botanical gardens and forest areas to enable students to gather information and specimens for their herbarium. Participation in science projects and science exhibitions is an integral aspect of learning at DIS. Students are encouraged to conduct science symposia, exhibitions, and projects.

Language Lab

“The language we use influences the way we think”
- Steven Pinker
Good communication skills are indispensable for the success of any professional. If one wants to reach out to people, he or she has to speak their language. The English language, in particular, has become essential in the lives of young people who aspire to advance their careers anywhere in the world.In the language lab at DIS detailed attention is given to clarity and accuracy as it is vital for effective and efficient communication. The language lab helps learners to develop their speaking abilities in particular, when they listen to sample pronunciation of native speakers, record their voices and correct themselves. Learning a new language just by studying the theory is not enough to guarantee a successful language learning experience. Language labs provide practice in an entertaining and interactive way to acquire the four main language skills:listening, speaking, reading and writing
Students learn more comprehensively through a language lab and it helps us achieve three other main objectives:
Self-learning: The student progresses in a self-guided but structured and progressive training to achieve the goals and objective set by the teacher.
Complimentary: Language labs allow students to reinforce material learned in class by putting them into practice through interactive activities.
Monitoring and Evaluation: Teachers know the progress of each student and receive reports of strengths and weaknesses to better adapt the classroom activities.
The language lab boosts the motivation of students achieving higher levels of language Skill and it is tailored to the individual needs of students. Language lab also encourages communication between student-teacher as well as student-student with activities and exercises essential to oral communication and the understanding of the language.

Library the Treasure Trove

“Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life. Libraries change lives forever"
-Sidney Sheldon

Reading is one of the fundamental skills a child needs to learn to succeed in life. The library facility is at the heart of our school. At DIS the library is a treasure trove of knowledge. Delhi International School also believes that technology can never substitute the magic of a book. The teachers at DIS strive to inculcate good reading habits among the students. The well designed library with an attached digital library section has a wide collection of reference books, magazines, periodicals, newspapers. Weekly classes are organized on book reading, book review and storytelling to instil in the students a love for reading. Reading improves concentration; develops analytical skills; expands vocabulary; reduces stress; increases verbal intelligence; boosts memory and immensely enhances learning capacity.

One of the easiest ways to give children the ‘heads up’ on the pleasure of reading is for them to see you (Teachers & Parents) enjoying reading.   They will want to emulate you. At DIS the role of the library is to provide a dynamic and flexible space that is innovatively designed with the best practices and research in mind where students can explore and use various resources in different formats. They are encouraged to grow and become passionate learners and individuals where the world of knowledge opens up to them. The Bibliotheque at DIS offers an amazing variety of learning experiences for students of all ages.

The DIS Library aims to do the following:

  • Support the educational aim of the school by making the library central and integral to the independent learning processes within school.
  • Provide service which will enable students to become more responsible for their own learning and prepare for competitive exams by helping them develop their research and study skills.
  • Enrich student’s curricular experiences by providing appropriate resources. Knowledge of the curriculum enables staff to purchase relevant resources, and provide an environment that is conducive and will encourage divergent and reflective study.
  • Provide an environment which encourages relaxation and private reading.
  • Give students a sense of 'ownership' of their library. Suggestions by students for resources are always welcomed. The library council meets regularity, with representation from students and staff.
  • Arrange workshops and talks by eminent personalities and illustrators which will inspire, enthuse and entertain students.


“Going on a school field trip and realising the bus ride was the best part!!”

Childhood is the best time in one's life! It's a time when the child's ideas and energies need to be channelized and provided with proper direction. For the safety of the children, teachers are encouraged to use the school buses to commute to school. The transport personnel are also encouraged to participate in the in-service refresher courses and training programs. The transport department updates the parents on any changes in the schedule, route deviations and so on as and when they occur. Safety and punctuality of students is top priority and the school does not compromise in any way on it. All steps are taken to make the journey to and from school smooth and secure.

The transport system at DIS is well equipped with:

  • Excellently maintained fleet of vehicles.
  • GPS location tracking devices
  • Cameras in every vehicle.

Manned by well trained and responsible crew of:

  • Drivers
  • Female Caretakers
  • And a Transport Manager


“A healthy outside starts from the inside."
-Robert Urich

Eating healthy is an important life lesson. The Dining Hall at DIS has the capacity to seat over 100 students. It is serviced by a very modern and hygienic kitchen. The entire management of the dining room is standardised around the best global practices from pre-washing of supplies to preparation and delivery. DIS serves exclusively vegetarian, sumptuous, palatable and hot food. Enough care is taken in providing hygienically designed and efficiently managed kitchen. The menu is designed by an expert nutritionist and is managed through a software-based menu management system to provide balanced nutrition. There are many advantages of having a school Dining. To name a few: Students learn table manners, students eat better when they have company, they also learn to share and care for each other, students get fresh and nutritious food and teachers and the students sit and dine together.

Health and Hygiene

“Much like charity begins at home, Sanitation and Hygiene start with you and me.”

Children’s ability to attain their full potential depends on good health and nutrition and a safe learning environment. Learners are able to learn to their fullest when they feel the safest. DIS has a non-compromising policy towards cleanliness, staff training at all levels, close supervision and monitoring of hygienic conditions through educating and creating awareness in both students and staff. DIS conducts regular awareness programmes on health & hygiene in its school premises.Periodic health check-up forms an integral part of the life of not only the students but also the staff at DIS. It is mandatory for everyone to be inoculated against any seasonal epidemic or contagious disease.DIS also has tie-ups with reputed hospitals in the event of a medical emergency and at the same time there is a qualified Nurse placed in the school premises during working hours. At Delhi International School, every aspect of the students' comfort is given importance, to enable them to pursue education with undivided attention. The school lays great emphasis on ensuring good health, proper hygiene.


“At the end of the day the goals are simple : safety and security of kids ”.

The safety and security of our children is of prime concern for our institution and our security system is the best that can ever be. At DIS Security and emergency preparedness measures are balanced with prevention and intervention programs. DIS boasts of having a well-disciplined and positive school climate that is the key element of a safe secure school.

DIS has set up CC cameras throughout the campus which are continuously monitored by well-trained security staff plus admin staff. Regular security/safety audits are carried out to ensure effective operation of security.