Values meet standards

DIS Educational Group is a trendsetter in the arena of education. It utilizes the technology driven and child-oriented learning process in an innovative manner. The system adopted by DIS instils in students love for learning and a thirst for knowledge. Delhi International School offers ICSE curriculum that is tailor made to suit the needs of the students of today’s digital era. The unique student-centricic curriculum followed here endeavours to fulfil the educational needs that are essential for children of the 21st century.

Maximize your child's potential

Your child is precious; you want him or her to get an education which is way better than what normal schools offer, better than the one you might have experienced. You want him/her to transform into a doctor, an engineer, a scientist, an artist, a star...tomorrow, to make you and others around you, proud.

At DIS we work with you and your child to maximize his/her potential.

Our curriculum is taught in a distinctive environment that builds strong thinking, communication skills, and encourages experimental learning from early age childhood all the way up to grade X. We offer quality education that develops multiple perspectives. Our students understand the culture, and we prepare them to tackle challenges, think independently, create communications, continuously innovate and explore the meaning

  • We learn through challenging, relevant, significant and engaging curricula.
  • We create inspiring, innovative, differentiated learning experiences.
  • We share our understandings and apply knowledge to real-life situations.
  • We maximize our academic potential.
  • We understand that balance is essential for a healthy, fulfilling life.
  • We provide an inclusive, compassionate and caring learning environment.
  • We nurture the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of our students.
  • We encourage students to reflect and take risks in their learning.
  • We create an environment where learners are happy, safe and valued.
  • We build relationships founded on trust, empathy and respect.
  • We are effective communicators who engage in collaborative and innovative learning.
  • We are lifelong learners equipped with the skills to adapt and interact within a constantly changing world.
  • We enable students to be resilient, happy and independent.
  • We are critical, creative thinkers, confident in the application of a variety of approaches to learning.
  • We nurture curiosity, developing skills for inquiry and research.
  • We are principled, respectful global citizens.
  • We effect positive change in our relationships, our community, and the environment.
  • We are open-minded to the views, cultures, values and traditions of others.
  • We seek opportunities to grow and challenge ourselves.
  • We are active participants in the learning process.

Delhi International School at Kompally, Hyderabad is established on the firm belief that every student matters and every moment counts.