DIS Faculty

Delhi International School is privileged to have a dynamic team of dedicated and committed teachers, who are eager to teach, share and care. Each member contributes positively and productively to the growth and development of the students and subsequently the development of the institution. Here, the teachers kindle the curiosity of the child about the unknown and allow child to experience the happiness of that exploration. We teach students to learn to Imagine, search, observe, think, play question, create, share, enjoy, read, inquire, wonder, discuss, ask and yes! Even day dream! The faculty at DIS is well trained to recognise and ignite this ability when we see the children exploring, devouring books, seeking information, manipulating data, asking questions, investigating concepts and connecting with people and nature.

The teachers play multiple roles as mentors, philosophers and guides, leading thechildren on to the path of success. Teachers at DIS know how important it is toinculcate the value system in the students like sociability,self-awareness, resilience, integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, tolerance,empathy, respect, self-esteem, high personal expectation, resourcefulness andcreativity. Theydo not restrict themselves to classroom teaching alone, but also help toclarify doubts and dispel the fears and anxiety of the students. Theyconstantly motivate them to perform well both in academics and co-curricularactivities. In-service training, refresher programmes, micro teaching sessionscum workshops by internationally acclaimed academicians are organisedperiodically to update the teachers with the latest trends and technology inthe field of education.

To make teaching more effective and learning more interesting, the faculty uses digital boards installed in all the classrooms.